Tell me why…I don’t like Mondays

Great song. And oh so true for me these days. I thought that when I wasn’t working that I would LOVE Mondays. No work. Lounging about at home. Oh yes, except I didn’t think of the whole 2 kids thing in that fantasy.

You know how Tuesdays are known as “cheap arse Tuesday”? Where you get cheap movie tickets? And then Fridays are awesome because they are Friday and the weekend? Well, I am renaming Mondays as “feral, hormonal Daisy Mondays”. Because for about the 3rd week in a row I had me a hormonal, feral 2 year old on my hands. I had another repeat performance of NOT talking to me for about 2 hours and just giving me the evil eye because, I, oh you know, EXIST. Then when she decided to start to talk to me again she would only say NO. And loudly scream it at me. And then Harper decided that she wouldn’t sleep over 40 mins. All day.

I get it. It was a hot weekend. It’s bound to happen at least one day a week. Daisy was tired and cranky (to say the least) and Harper was just plain over tired. It was a looooong day. There will be many more to come I know, but it was a long day.

But then Tuesday came around. Daisy trotted out the door to daycare. Harper slept. And my cleaner came. And now all is right with the world.

Until next Monday that is.


  1. Damn, I’ve commented on this post twice and it hasn’t shown up – damned blogger! Yep, mondays suck hard. I think we need to change their name – either to Moanday and we’ll just roll will it. Meanday and suck it up. Or Megaday and fight it…

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