One month old

Goodness me Miss Harper Lulu you are 1 month old today!

It feels both like yesterday that you came home, and also like you have been here forever. You are such a good little girl, sleeping at long stretches for your Mumma in the night, eating like a piglet, burping like a champion and then doing it all over again. Doesn’t seem like much of a day to your sister, but it’s what you need. And love right now. Oh, and let’s not forget the pooing. Oh my stars the pooing! There have been many explosions, and when you go, you certainly do not do so like a lady. It’s quite embarrassing really. But you do get it out, and that’s the main thing.

We have started to get a few smiles here and there, but ALWAYS one for your sister. Each and every time she comes and talks to you, or sings to you, you give her a smile. It is the sweetest thing and just reaffirms to me that the best thing we will ever give your sister is you. You also roll your eyes at her (well not quite literally but I can see if you could do that, you would). And I completely understand, she can sometimes be quite a piece of work.

Your sister completely adores you. She helps me so much with changing nappies and bathing and entertaining you while I rush off to the bathroom (or something equally as glamorous). Sure she has attempted to kick you more than once since you arrived, she is forever attempting to shove a dummy down your throat (which you are SO not interested in) and is always squeezing your arms and legs a little too hard just to see what will happen (which is that you generally smile at her and I generally yell at her). She sings to you, tells you to shush and laughs at you. I am SO glad that you guys have each other. Sisters are the best. I know, I have 2.

Keep growing little buddha. Little nuggey. We can’t wait for you to wake up to the world a little more over the next months. Know that we all love you. So much. You perfect little lady.


  1. Wow, a month already! It seems like that last month of pregnancy went FOREVER but this first month of life on the outside has gone in the blink of an eye. Lovely post, precious memories for your girls to look back on.

  2. She is a little nuggey… how absolutley lush. and don’t u just LOVE them ridiculously… I still can’t stop staring! Gorgeous Daisy sounds like she is a pretty divine big sis… makes me want another girl as agree with you there… sisters are awesome!

  3. what a beautiful little face! I love what you wrote about Daisy squeezing her just to see what will happen… must be a Daisy thing!! Jo x

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