New favourites

I thought I used to love weekends. But now? I LOVE weekends. LOVE them. With a passion of a thousand burning suns LOVE. I think it’s the whole 2 kid thing. By Friday afternoon I am DESPERATE for Rob to come home and be around for 2 whole days. I completely abuse him when he is around – making sure Daisy goes to him for everything, feeding and burping Harper then handing her over to him to settle and get to sleep. Making sure I get sleep ins. The lot. And so far he just takes it on. Thanks Rob you are a star. Honestly.

This weekend was no exception to the above. It was fabulous. I got to rest and Rob got to work! Friday afternoon I looked after 2 of my nieces for my brother and sister in law who were off to a wedding. 4 children I hear you say? Madness? Quattro mum extraordinaire? Yes. Yes and yes. I had 4 girls under 4 in my care for a number of hours. I think I did quite well. I also don’t know how people can possibly have more than 2 children. You could say I was more than a little frazzled by the time we got home Friday night.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating. Saturday we had some friends over for dinner which was great. Especially great was seeing the joy a lamb cutlet can bring a 1 year old. They are the ultimate meat lolly pops – I remember Daise being completely taken with the bone for an hour or more. Not sure what is going on with Rob’s face in the photo? Perhaps he has gone mad from being overworked? Perhaps…and yes, yes that is a stokke high chair that I was sitting on while eating dinner. What can I say – toddlers and music chairs.

Last night we had a quick dinner at my Mum’s place and another late night for Daisy. This morning she looks like she had the biggest bender – my task for the day will be to make sure she gets rest and plenty of it. Last night she got to bed at 9.30pm and was up before 5am this morn…the festive party season has well and truly begun!

ALSO…this week my little sis arrives back from London. I am beyond excited aboout it. Only a few more sleeps to go now. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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