My favourites this Friday

: These magnificent hydrangeas that my girlfriend bought over for me yesterday. On my kitchen island bench next to the fruit, well, the spring/summer colours are bringing me nothing but joy

: A little lady sniffing around for milk

: Finding some time for Daisy in amongst it all with sticker books (NOT TV!) which make me feel like I am educating (or something close to it) and not just fobbing her off with another DVD. These babies were bought yesterday at Aldi for something ridiculous like $1.50 each. Brilliant!

: Fitting into some pre-baby jeans. Sure there is quite a muffin top going on but they do up and I even can get them up over my thighs which I could not do the entire pregnancy. Gotta love that. And when I text Rob to tell him my news his response of “great I’ll be home for a quickie at 1.30” totally cracked me up.

: The fact that there is a weekend here. Rob will be home. I can get a pedicure done and get out of the house by myself (!) for an hour. Lunch on Sunday with some good friends, it’s going to be a great one.

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful still life kitchen study outshone by the peachiest, pretty little lady peach. What a perfect doll!

  2. Wow, so impressed at the pre-preggo jeans already! I feel like I could never ever possibly fit into mine again.

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