Missing: My baby

I don’t know if it’s because there is someone SO much smaller than Daisy now that she seems so very BIG. She has grown up in the last 2 weeks – physically she has gone through a huge growth spurt where shoes & clothes no longer fit, and she seems so very heavy to lift now. She has decided that she can go to the bathroom by herself (hence the bruise on her head when she fell off head first into the tiles), she doesn’t shut up in between the concerts and dancing and singing and not to mention the getting cross at Rob and I for something we have done that is wrong. She says things like “I don’t believe it” and “absolute” when she is getting cross with us which makes it very hard not to laugh in her face. She has also decided that showers are the way to go and last night had one AND washed her hair.

Where has my baby gone?


  1. She’s gorgeous!

    I am feeling the same way about Gabe. This morning he got dressed all by himself (well, with minor assistance), including shoes, and I wondered where my baby had gone! I think this whole ‘turning 3’ thing is a very big turning point. They are kids! No more babies!

    Thank goodness you have another cutie to obsess over!

  2. Funny! Wait until she stands with her hand on her hip and boldly says “are you SERIOUS?” when you’re trying to put her in time out. This is what my 2.5 yr old god daughter did to me not so long ago! Lol…….
    I had to STRUGGLE to growl and not laugh at that one!
    😉 xxx

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