Why is it that you always seem to have to do everything for the general running of life all at the one time? The last 2 days has seen me being the busiest of bees – getting paperwork done, having men come in and fix bits and pieces around the house, doing shopping, gets cars serviced…I am exhausted (and broke!)

BUT…I do have that lovely old feeling of having got ‘stuff done’. Not to mention some newly installed fans keeping me cool, a non-leaking gas connection, a new screen door about to be installed, a car soon to be fixed, a house that has been sprayed for creepy crawlies and cupboards full of food. It does feel good.

Rob has also been super busy and working very hard so I haven’t seen much of him. This afternoon he gets to film the cast of the show at the Arias (Australian music awards night thingy) for the show and will be working late (again). It is quite a juggle to get 2 kids organised at night and something I am still getting used to. I think the having to sit and breastfeed while toddler runs around, or wants dinner, or is in the bath at the same time the hardest…am sure it will get easier with practice and no doubts there will be plenty of that for me in the future.

To say I am looking forward to the weekend is an understatement. Bring it on. C’mon. Let’s go! And to my friends in the US of A I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! See what did I tell you? I am crossing stuff off lists and getting stuff done!


  1. what a lovely feeling!… most days I feel like I do so much and still get nothing done!

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