Loving the weekends

We had a great weekend, just as I suspected it would be. Rob was the best husband/father in the world and kept Daisy occupied the entire time and off my hands so I could just spend time with Harper, rest and sleep in (twice!). It was awesome. Daisy and Rob went to the pool, swam, did cooking, played barbies and stickers and hospitals and threw water balloons. They really had a ball together.

We had a great lunch at some friends place yesterday – the kids swam in the pool, we ate great food and drank good wine and marvelled at their magnificent home and view. A GREAT weekend indeed.

And Harper? Well she slept and ate and then slept some more. That lady will sleep anywhere it would appear…


  1. THAT is the cutest thing I’ve ever, ever seen!

  2. OH MY! I didn’t even see her there at first, and I’m wondering, “why is Beth posting a picture of her (lovely) livingroom?” and then OH! Way off in the distance! A teeny sleeping peanut!


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