Le terrible deux

I am sure that Daisy is acting COMPLETELY normal for a 2.75 year old who has just had her world turned upside down with a baby sister arriving BUT…honestly…the dramatics! I tell you on Monday for NO reason whatsoever she decided that life was not worth living. That I was satan, sent to make her life SO hard and that she could, no longer, cope with ANY of it. So, she collapsed in the corner (after over an hour!) of sitting in the corner not looking at me, or talking to me.

I still have no idea what I did to her (or should I say Cinderella), or what sparked it off, but it lasted for almost 2 hours in total. And she actually fell asleep for a part of it and when I tried to move her it started all over again. I eventually just ignored the whole thing and bought her round (much to my dismay) with Barbie and the freaking Diamond Castle (or something equally as hideous).

I know I was quite the drama queen when I was a wee lass, but I think we have someone a little more so on our hands here.

How far away is February when she is 3? Tell me 3 is better than 2?


  1. Jeebus! That’s one determined fairytale character you have there. Hang in there! xx

  2. You know- we were in at the pediatrician this week for Mister’s follow-up on his new asthma treatment and I asked the ped if it’s at ALL possible that Mister’s completely, um, ENTHUSIASTIC behavior of late could be chalked up to his new meds and whether there might be an adjustment period after which I’d get my sweet little boy back.

    The pediatrician told me with a straight face that he’s seen this many many times before, especially in children Mister’s age. And not to worry, there most definitely IS an adjustment period and that I could expect to see a change in behavior somewhere around Mister’s 25th birthday.


  3. Chatty Cricket, your Doctor sounds hilarious (and very wise!), the longer I am a Mummy, the longer I realise that there is no such thing as life going ‘back to normal’!

    Beth, Daisy sounds cute – and imagine what she’ll achieve in the world when she applies that determination to her passion!!

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