Laying about

The weekend was great. Quiet, but great. I guess when you have a little lady who needs sleep and plenty of it, that your days are spent at home. Poor Daisy has been very patient with all the time we have spent here. In our pyjamas.

Saturday we ventured out into the world and headed off to a Christmas concert in Hyde Park in the city. Daise is SUCH a lover of Christmas I couldn’t let her miss out on it and she loved it. Rob and I had a little giggle with each other when we got there – we seemed SO grown up. But we just don’t feel that way – but to look at we looked like quite the family – 2 kids at a concert! Then we headed off to my Mum’s for the afternoon to catch up with some old family friends. It was great to be out and about – Daisy had a ball playing with her cousins – and crashed out on the way home. Harper was a star as well – slept well when we were there and came home and went to bed well.

Yesterday we had a quiet morning at home then head lunch with Rob’s Mum at her place. The rest of the afternoon was spent keeping Daisy awake (she has dropped her daytime rest so is quite the feral beast by 4pm). She crashed into bed early with Harper, Rob and I not far behind.

This week I am sure we will venture out a little further – oh I forgot to mention the SOLO trip I made to the library on Friday with both ladies in tow. It almost killed me and drove me to drink at 11am but I did it and Daisy now has a whole load of new books AND movies to watch! Am sure there will be plenty more laying about as well…


  1. Wow, a Christmas concert with a bebe and wee lass? You’re an utter legend. Sounds like just the perfect weekend. And oh my, how Harper is already growing!

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