The week (this very looooong week so far) has been filled with lots of firsts. First day at home by myself with both ladies. First drive in the car with both ladies. First days back at daycare for Daisy while Harper and I are at home. First baths for both kids one after the other. By myself. All firsts. While I am not gripped with the anxiety that you have the first time around I will admit to have been more than a little nervous to hop into the car to pick up Daisy with Harper in tow. I have been anxious waiting to see just what Harper will do, more than a little frustrated at the time it takes to feed and settle her, and the inevitable call out from Daisy just as soon as Harper has settled and is asleep, by Rob having to be back at work straight away with no break and by my sleep that is being missed out on. But it has been good. A lot better than I thought that it would be. We are all still trying to work this thing out. The feeding, the settling, the sleep patterns, all of it brand new again.

Daisy has been good but has certainly been pushing the boundaries just to see if she can get away with it. A little push of Harper’s head with her FOOT a few times just to see what I will do. Repeatedly NOT listening and doing the opposite of what I have asked her to do. There have been many threats (great parenting I know) and pretend calls made to Santa to tell him that Daisy will not be needing any presents this Christmas because she is being naughty and not listening (also genius work by us here…NOT). She has wanted to be burped on my shoulder at the same time as her sister, has been revolting and rude to grandparents and friends when they visit, and been particularly mean to her poor father. She has watched A LOT of TV and movies. And I mean a lot. It’s the only way to keep her in the one place and distracted enough from whatever else is going on. This is normal right? This won’t last right?!!! RIGHT?

Oh. And she has decided to completely drop her daytime sleep/rest. Which is kind of good because it means that she is asleep by 6.30 at night and out of the picture, but then not so good because I am yet to get a rest in the day, and by God I could do with a rest. Thank god for coffee. And custard. The love affair with custard is far from over, but must be doing wonders for my milk as Harper is feeding well and sleeping for looong periods of time afterwards. Best I keep up the custard in flow me thinks.


  1. totally normal, will not last. any of it. promise.

  2. I don’t quite see the point of Santa unless you can use his “Naughty List” as incentive…
    Am also very, very impressed at your long list of firsts!

  3. Oh that brings back some memories! TV is a god-send in those early days. Some times you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get through the day!
    You’re doing a great job! I love the name Harper too, it’s one of my faves.

  4. Wow, not one kid, but two. I’ve been told that you don’t officially understand parenthood until you get that second babe. You’re doing an amazing job, keep it up – and long live the custard fetish!

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