I got a very funny email from my little sis a few days ago and just had to share. She has been living over in the UK for almost 5 years and gets back (for good) in just a few days time! I am SO excited to have her and her beautiful boyfriend home for good. It will be brilliant.

Anyway, I digress. Anyone who has foxtel (Australian cable TV) and has the Lifestyle Food Channel will know all about Market Kitchen. I love the show and my Mum and Step Dad are particular fans. So Lucy (little sis) and Chris (her chef boyfriend) and Bridget (bestie) went to the taping of the Christmas Special (!) a few days ago. I could retell the email but thought it was so funny the way it was I had to share. Her email reads as follows…

“Well get ready to be proud of us…we took ourselves off to Market Kitchen this morning. They put us in the front row and of course they picked our table to give comments on the food as we are all so ridiculously good looking.

And what did we get to taste??…PORK. With CRACKLE. So what did I say in my comment…How much I love crackle…and the word lovely about oh 5 times. All this with a camera 5 cms from my face. (and probably some pork fat dribbling down my chin)

Chris followed nicely with a comment on how the ginger cut through the fat of the pork (we were both impressed with his comment and ability to remain calm in front of the camera without biting his nails)

Then Bridget (in her gorgeous Chanel glasses which the make up artist loved mind you) made a great comment on the sage and ginger combination.

All in all – we were brilliant. I am surprised they let us leave the building without offering us a job. They kept moving us around the room so we were in full view of the camera (best to avoid having to film the oldies and the horse like women in the audience) so there will be plenty of action of us when we watch it. It is due to be aired in the UK on the 9th of Dec (I think?) so we must tape all episodes to make sure we don’t miss our 5 mins of fame.

Wish you could have had a chance to do it when you were here – you would have LOVED it – but we thought of you and you can enjoy watching us there anyway. Now the important part – which one our comments will they show?!?!? I’m sure my retarded ‘lovely, oh lovely, lovely’ comment will find itself on the cutting room floor!! Only time will tell.”

I CANNOT wait to see it – will be sure to let you know when it airs in Australia and if I can get my hands on a clip of it, I will put it up here. Market Kitchen AND pork with crackle? Oh my…


  1. Market Kitchen + Pork + Crackle + Foodie Commentary = utter bliss! What a fabbo five-minute tale!!

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