Baby it’s hot

Writing about the weather can be a bore and I am sure anyone that lives on the East Coast of Australia over the past week has complained about it already…but…IT WAS HOT this weekend. Yesterday was revolting. 41 degrees (which I think converts to around 106 F) which is about 15 degrees hotter than I would like.

We spent both days mostly inside. In the dark. With fans blaring but still…it was hot. Last night was SO nasty I had to get up and have a cold shower in the middle of the night, and when the cool change eventually came through it was sweet relief.

The next few days are meant to be cooler and showery and I cannot wait for them. I have every window and door open hoping to cool down the double bricks of our little terrace. I have newly purchased ceiling fans ready for the electrician to install today or tomorrow, and I will be chasing up the air con people to get ours fixed. And soon. Ready for the next onslaught. I think it’s going to be one long, hot summer.

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