24 sleeps…

….until we get up to the farm for our Christmas break. I am literally (thanks RZ) hanging out for this Christmas break which will be almost 2 weeks in total. We are heading up to Rob’s Dads farm up the North Coast which is magnificent. I can’t wait to spend many days in a row with Rob. For him to spend many days in a row with his girls. For him to get to know Harper. For Daisy to have some time off going to school. To spend time with Rob’s dad and step mum and step grandmother. To breathe in fresh country air. To walk down to the river and fish. To play croquet in the late afternoon sunshine. To celebrate our first Christmas with our newest little lady. To eat fabulous food. To experiment and cook new meals myself. To drink french champagne on New Years Eve. To spend some time with my little sis up there who has been away for almost 5 years. And to swim in THAT pool.

Did I say I can’t wait?


  1. That is the very definition of bliss… enjoy!

  2. That looks oh so lovely right now.

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