Trip to doctor revealed that babe has backed it up OUT of the birth canal and I am where I was 2/3 weeks ago now. It has also tuned posterior so all limbs now facing out.

Am beyond disappointed. Frustrated. What other words could I use? Can’t even be bothered to think of them.

I know there is NOTHING I can do about this, so it is pointless feeling like a failure, or useless, or anything, because it is what it is. But still there are tears I can tell you. Tears round these parts this morning.

And her final words? Aim for the end of NEXT week and if it comes before then it’s a bonus. Yeah. A bonus. OK.

Le Sigh indeed.


  1. Sorry to hear Beth. Hang in there!

    What about acupuncture?

    Also, google optimal fetal positioning. The last thing you feel like doing I’m sure, but scrubbing the floor may just help!


  2. Damnation!!!

  3. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re feeling right now, but I’m trying to sympathise with you. Just keep repeating this mantra “this will end”.

  4. Dear Baby
    Please consider this your first & final notice. You need to vacate ‘Hotel Uterus’ by the end of the week, otherwise penalties will apply. It will be much more ameniable to all parties involved if you leave of your own accord.
    Kind regards


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