Lovely Long Weekend

Friday afternoon saw the start of a long weekend which was made even better by Rob finishing work at lunchtime. We decided to make use of the extra time we had together and made a last minute decision to head out for an overnight stay beach side. Why not?! We snagged a last minute room at a fairly good price right on the beach and even though the weather was les miserables it was still great fun to distract ourselves from waiting for babe, get out and enjoy some sand between our toes.

And of course Daisy was loving herself silly in her own bed right next to us – she was in heaven.

The weather turned really nasty Friday night, but it was kind of nice being able to watch the storm roll in over the ocean from the comfort of a good hotel bed.

Things were great…until…at about 9.00pm the neighbouring room of about 8 young guys decided to watch TV really loudly, and smoke as many cigarettes (in a non smoking hotel) as they could, and talk and have fun (like you would do in a hotel – I do understand these things) but when none of us could sleep, or breathe for that matter (due mostly to the fact that there was an interconnecting door between our 2 rooms) – we had to move rooms at about 10.30 at night which was NOT ideal. The relaxing night out turned not so relaxing for this 8+month pregnant lady. It was frustrating, but what can you do?

Daisy still had fun and took shots of us – excuse all my lady lumps…

Then we headed off to see some friends who live close by who just had a little babe last week. And you know how much Daisy loves a newborn these days…she was delighted…and why wouldn’t she be – what a peach! Rob was a little smitten too…

We then had Zac’s party, a brunch catch up on Sunday with old school friends and some casual catch ups at our place yesterday afternoon. It was a busy and GREAT long weekend.

Now onto the week and for some more waiting. I swear that things are getting lower, but then again last week I thought that my Ob would tell me I was ready to go, when in fact things were the same as the week before, so I won’t make any calls because it just leads to disappointment. So, instead, while I have a few days free from the minx I think I will catch a movie, and some sleep, and that’s not such a bad thing is it?!


  1. I’m pretty sure that movies and snoozing are just what the doctor ordered (or damned well should have!)

    Enjoy xx

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