Let there be cake

At least when you are feeling a little hormonal you can console yourself with food. Today for me? Custard. But not just any custard. Pauls chocolate, extra thick custard. My Mum got me some and it made me feel better for at least 6 minutes and so that’s something. And then I was telling Mum that at least this pregnancy I still have my ankles (compared with the trotter cankles I had with Daisy) and then I looked down and they were all swollen, so I had to have me some more custard, but that’s another story altogether.

Then my younger sister sent me through some snaps of her cupcakes that won her the title of her work bake off. While I don’t know all the details of the bake off I know that there were rounds, that she worked her way through (with muffins and the like) and all culminated in these delights which bought her home the title.

And look at them! Her better half is a chef, but I have been assured that he had nothing to do with them. They are delightful. Plain and simple. And if I could get my sweaty little swollen pregnant hands on them I would knock off the box. Look at them!

And best of all? Her 4 year trip away ends in just 6 weeks time. She’s a comin’ home! For good! I am very excited. And with cakes like these on offer, just a little more so. Congrats Lucy!


  1. Wow, that gal sure is handy with a piping bag! Gorgeous!

  2. I am glad you had moments of happiness…I hope your day is better today. Belinda had a baby boys James last night. Arrived at hopsital at 7.15pm and he arrived at 7.21pm – 6mins!!!!

  3. Having been lucky enough to taste one of those delightful morsels, I’ve got to say you’re in for a treat Betty! I’m willing the bub out!!

  4. I too have been lucky enough to try some of these cupcakes and they are magnificent!!! A well deserved win for Miss Lucy!

    Beth – can’t wait to meet you and the family. Not long now!

    Kirsty x

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