I’m still standing

So to speak. I am mostly sitting, trying to avoid the inevitable swelling of the feet that has occurred at this late stage. I cannot lie down much as it is SO uncomfortable (which makes sleeping hard even though that is exactly what I need). I am trying not to focus on anything much, just go with the flow, and for a control freak like me that is really working out well for me (notsomuch).

Yesterday I went around to Mum’s place and went into a cleaning frenzy (which she was delighted about) in the hope of bringing on something…but nothing. And that’s OK. Really it is. As Rob said last night every day and night that passes means that we are one step closer. And that makes sense, even a mad woman like me. It does. This will end. I cannot stay pregnant forever. Although my broither has emailed me through the guidelines for Guiness Book of Records record attempts (as only an older annoying brother would do).

Poor Rob is being kind and patient as only he knows how to be. He is making me laugh, and with every silly one liner that he shoots my way, quickly has a “joking Bethy!” to back it up as he knows my humour and patience is running a little *ahem* thin at the mo. I am sure he is desperate for this to happen too, for this holding pattern to be over and done with, so we can all just get onto the next part of our lives, and try and refocus. I know he has had a tough time at work as well recently, and coping with me as well, hasn’t been easy. I am a lucky lady I tell you. Lucky.

Daisy in the meantime, is keeping me entertained. And is being SO patient. I am certain she must be sick of all of the talk of the baby “coming” and completely understand if she decided that her little brother or sister was ALL talk, because we ain’t seen nothing yet! Here she is doing some belly flops. On the couch. Over and over. She could do this for hours. And quite frankly, I could let her cause it is funny.

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