Elephant, and looking like one

Sorry for those who have come on over to check whether babe has arrived. Alas, no. I know, you’re all like “isn’t she 46weeks now?”Alas, no. The truth of the matter is that my ‘official due date” isn’t actually until next week. I know. NEXT week. I have been in denial of this date, I guess because I was always measuring weeks ahead which made me feel like I was weeks ahead. But I am not. I am a few days shy of 39 weeks. I am swinging between being very much OK with the fact that I have some time to myself, to spend with Daisy, to catch movies and go to cafes and be, normal. And then within that very same hour being very much NOT OK with the fact that this baby has not arrived, and may not ever arrive. The wriggling around and kicking me is doing my head in and my sleeps at night have turned into this awful wooze wave because I seem to feel sick in any position I am in. I tell you, it’s rainbows and lolly pops round here!

It also seems that I have perfected the art of looking like an enormous fucking elephant. Not sure if it was something on my ‘to do’ list but I have indeed, mastered the art. I looked at myself in a shop reflection just before when I was down the road grabbing a coffee, and I, well, I shuddered. I look positively massive. I guess you get that.

Last week at my check up things had moved along, and after I begged my Ob to do an internal (who seriously does that?!) she told me that I was 1cm dilated. And I was all like “1cm! Yay me!” but I fear that it meant nothing. CAUSE I AM STILL PREGNANT! My Ob is also away all this week so chances are things will kick in so the babe is delivered by someone I have never met before, and we can make polite chit chat over the last stages of labour! Seriously though, My doc said that when I see her tomorrow week we will be ready to go. And that’s only a week. And that’s something.

We had a very quiet weekend, spent mostly at home care of some bad weather, and mostly because we all just wanted to pack down. I did get another wax and pedicure just to be really ready to go, just in case. We also ate some great meals though – and had some quiet time, just the 3 of us, which I know will be non existent soon enough. We also played LOTS of barbies. Daisy has become quite obsessed with them (which I am not sure how I feel about) but we played and played AND THEN played some more. Mostly every scenario involved visiting Mummy in the hospital while she has the babe and playing doctors and babies and Mummies. Someone else round here is quite keen for things to come along I think….

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