Domestic Bliss

When I think back to just a few weeks ago and the pace and craziness of our lives, it’s hard to believe that we are the same family now. Life has been slower. So much slower. And quiet. And less stressful. And lovely. I have SO enjoyed these past 3 weeks since I have finished work it has been bliss. I have seen 2 movies, been to cafes by myself, been shopping by myself, watched bad TV, napped and just sat still without being interrupted. Bliss I tell you.

Daisy has been a different kid. Relaxed and happy. Enjoying going to daycare just 2 days a week. Sleeping better (still not great but MUCH better). You can just see that she has picked up on our relaxed vibes and is riding with it.

Rob has been home early. And just been around. While he has been a little down since the high of the show and the crash back to reality and normal work has been hard for him, I think he is almost finally coming back to us. He is being frustrated daily by delays with post production, but he has been home, and for me (selfishly) that makes me (and the minx) happy little ladies.

One revelation we have had this past week is that we have been eating together. At the table. Crazy work/daycare life usually meant for us that dinner time was a rushed thing when we got home where we threw something quick together for Daisy, fed her (usually eating at the island in the kitchen) then the rush to bath and bed. Rob and I would then eat after she was asleep (which could be anytime between 7.30 and 8.30pm, and was again at the kitchen island or worse still…our laps. So on the weekend we all ate together at the table at around 5.30pm. Daisy ate what we ate, and she tried almost everything we had and ate it all. We had an actual conversation and listened to music while we ate. It was great. Then we tried it again the next night and then the next. And it’s been great. I know normal people probably do this every night, but it’s new for us and a revelation I tell you. One meal! Child trying new things! Conversation! Dinner done and washed up by 6.30pm! LOVING it!

So far this week we have eaten:

Sat – Prawn & rocket linguine
Sun – Roast beef with vegies
Mon – Thai chicken stir fry
Tues – Chili pork mince stir fry thingy with rice
Wed – Sausages (from AC Butchery soooooo good) & bruschetta
Thurs – Spag Bol

Next thing you know I will be meal planning & freezing! Well….a gal’s gotta dream…I know that in probably a weeks time we will be back to scrambled eggs for the minx and ice cream for me…at least this moment in time has been captured. Just call me Martha…go on…

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