Band Wagon (and jumping on)

It was grand final weekend here and while I am not an NRL fan (AT ALL) I am always one to jump on a band wagon and one that takes me back to my childhood in the north western suburbs of Sydney and the footy team we followed as kids. My nephew also turned 7 (!?) and had a Parra Eels themed b’day party. It was just with a few friends (who just happen to be related to the coach of Parramatta) and mostly family and LOTS of yellow and blue. Daise even got her hair sprayed yellow and blue and learnt from her cousins how to say “Go Parra!” complete with full Aussie accent (bogan drawl). It was quite fabulous. And I know Zac had a ball. Almost as much as Daisy.

The birthday boy in all his blue and yellow glory!

Daisy got a bag of hand me down clothes from her cousin which also included a revolting Dorothy the Dinosaur dressing gown (of all things) which she instantly fell in love with and wore for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Honestly, how hideous.

And I? Well, I ate. Cause that’s what you do when you are just waiting for the babe to come. Nice angle hey? And I think I should be steering clear of horizontal stripes. Dear lord I look hideous! It’s to capture the moment of ‘right now’ in all my massive glory. And I am probably bigger now. Cause I have been eating some more. At least I have my own little table to rest my drinks and food upon…

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