The view from round these parts

So…this is what 38 weeks looks like. Hot, no? I thought it had been quite some time since my last photo shoot and thought that by now, no doubt, the people would be desperate to see the ever expanding belly.

So here it is. Excuse the bad shots taken by myself in the mirror. And just the general nature of them. I can appreciate that it is indeed early, and if you have just eaten (or are currently eating) breakfast it could be quite unsettling. I understand. People have started to stare at me, and just generally wish me luck. Like strangers in shops etc. I must look like I am ready to drop.

At least a really big stomach kind of makes your arse look a little smaller? Perhaps I am just in a general state of denial. I know that my feet are FAR less swollen this time around. And that’s something.

And because I know that bathroom shots are something that I do REALLY well, I thought I would give you all some more. Not sure if you can see the oil stain I got this morning on my top from eating olives straight from the fridge. Yes, it’s 8am. Whatever.

Some more guts. Some more amazonian tits. And some more toilet shots. Look how clean the bathroom is though. I have the cleaner to thank for that. I LOVE my cleaner. LOVE him.

I have been feeling pretty good (and by ‘pretty good’ I mean generally exhausted and cranky and over it). I think that this child thinks the exit strategy is to kick it’s way out through my belly button – it is doing its best every night from about 7pm onwards to break down the walls. I have a weekly Ob appointment today and I am hoping that she will say that we are ready to go. I know we won’t be but you gotta dream right?
It’s the most frustrating part of the whole pregnancy, the last weeks. You want out. You are over it and are uncomfortable. But there is daytime TV and endless chocolate milkshakes and uninterrupted sleep, the whole 1 child thing and general normalness of now that will be turned upside down just as soon as babe comes, so I kind of don’t want that to end too.
So. What do you think? Boy? Girl? Due date? Size? Prize will be awarded for the winner. And by ‘prize’ I mean nothing but public adulation on the blog for being the winner.


  1. Wooo lady, you look just like Heidi Klum (seriously, those bumps, identical!)
    My vote’s for:
    born 40.5 weeks
    weight: hmmm, 7lb6 (can’t do the gram thing – I’m 900 years old)

    Can I borrow your cleaner? Man, I need one of those.

  2. You are right, pregnancy belly makes your ass look great 🙂

    My vote:

    Born 40 weeks 1 day
    Weight: 3.6kg

    Good luck at the Obs today!

  3. ohhh, how exciting! goodluck with it all, looking fabulous! have no idea & are hopeless at guessing.
    how about 2 days before 40 weeks, 3.1kg…boy

  4. “you make me laugh!!!”

  5. You look awesome! I think you’ll have a girl on 11/10/09, she’ll weigh 8lb8oz.

  6. You’re so cute! You look great!

    I say boy, October 13th! 8 and a half pounds! And adorable!

  7. You look great! You’re all bump!

    I think:
    Oct 7th

    Best of luck and enjoy these last weeks before you become a multiple Mum : )

  8. Re- reading this two years on, I was totally off for you, but predicted my own second child’s birth stats. Freaky!

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