Sweet, sweet pie

I love me some pie. Any kind really. In FACT as a young child I would be SO excited if Mum pulled out a Nanna’s apricot pie for dessert because it would mean that I could have some cold leftovers the next day. Cold apricot pie. Honestly, nothing better. Actually, I think I have to get some apricot pie and cook it just so I can then have it cold the next day. Yes, that is on my to do list next week.

But, as usual, I digress. Friday morning I had a visit from my Aunty Krinny (Mum’s sis) who came down from the mountains for a visit and she came laden with freshly baked lemon meringue pie. Sweet, sticky, delicious lemon meringue pie. How I love such pie. So we sat around and nattered and ate pie and then when she left I was in quite the predicament. A whole weekend ahead of me with an almost whole pie on the kitchen counter. Dangerous. I repeat dangerous.

Let’s just say that I would make myself wait until time for a cup of tea before I was allowed a ‘slither’ and then I just gave up on that and found myself with a teaspoon in hand at any given moment scooping out the curd. I found myself at 6.03am just having a ‘little taste’ and then again just before going to bed to have a ‘little taste’. I was really very, very naughty and after giving away as much as I could I had to throw out the last of it today just so it was gone. No more pie.

Thank you Krinny. It was delicious and filled with love and JUST the thing I needed. But next time, please take some home with you. Too much pie for this piggy.

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