Red sky in the morning…

Sailors warning? Shepherds warning? I never know which one to use. But this morning when I woke up there was the strangest thick, red sky blanketing our city.

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It was quite the sight to see. Daise was in our bed this morn as she woke at 4.30am ready to start the day (when exactly does daylight savings start?!) and I convinced her to come on into our bed for an extra little while. She eventually got back to sleep for a little longer but when she woke she was quite confused about the sky. And delighted. It’s pink! It’s pink!

It was a strange drive to work in red fog/dust and it’s awful to be outside in it – your throat is filled with dust and yuk but I am now safe and sound in my office in the city. Note though: lip gloss should NOT be applied on a day such as this. Rob has taken the day off with Daise as the poor petal got bitten by a mozzie the other night and she is still very allergic to them and her little eye has puffed up from it – plus it’s just plain nasty out there.

Here is our car as I found it out the front this morn (excuse the bad mobile snap) covered in dust. Do we live in the outback?! And the worst bit? Well, not worst but something…I tried to clean the windscreen but alas the water ran out after one measly swish so I had to look through a smeared, red windscreen. And for a clean windscreen freak like me, this was quite possibly the hardest thing to deal with.

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