Looking forward

Boy, am I looking forward to summer. To swimming. And longer days. And warmer weather. And doors open. And bare feet. And singlets. And summer pyjamas. And salads. And cold champagne. And bbq’s. And mosquito coils burning. And candles burning in the warm night air. And Christmas. And going to the beach. And ice cream. And afternoon naps. And summer storms. And tomatos. And basil. And reading good books.

I think that the minx is going to have an especially good time if her new passion for swimming taken up on the weekend is anything to go by.

Shame, it means I have to get into swimmers. There’s that. Hmmm.


  1. Oooh yeah, bring it on… I just can’t wait for summer this year – for all those reasons. Mmmm, daylight savings, the smell of bbq on a soft, warm breeze. Heaven.

  2. I think it’s so funny that your Christmas way over (down?) there is full of mosquito coils and bathing suits, and ours is covered in snow and flannel pajamas.

    I’ll wave to you as we both pass by in the mild weather- you on your way to warm and I on my way to chilly.


  3. yeah, not looking forward to the mozzies though, that’s a summer downer. in melbourne it is freezing today so I can’t possibly be even thinking of summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Me thinks there may be something else to throw into that summmer mix which will make it all the more enjoyable? Hmmm????

  5. my goodness look at that pool!!! It isn’t yours is it??


    i am having the bathers issue too!! hmmm

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