Girly girl-girl

I am not an overly girly kind of girl. Never really have been. But me thinks that in Daisy, we have our very own little lady. THE little miss. She loves pink. In fact, right now her favourite line is “Pinks my fav’rite culla!”

Friday we ventured into the city to pick up a few bits and pieces and we stopped by the children’s section of one of the department stores. Before I could say “stay close by” she had zipped off straight to a rack of pink (help me!) dresses. She was in lurve. Pink love. And demanded the frock. For $22 I was happy enough to hand over the cash. Plus I was in a guilty end of working week mother phase where I just wanted to buy back my daughter’s love. Perfectly normal right?

Then. Well, she spotted THE shoes. And again, they were pink. I steered her over to the silver ones because honestly, they were quite something else without having to be pink too. She asked me to “get the lady!”, then tried them on and walked off without a second glance back. So. I guess we will be taking those too. As I said, pushover.

But she LOVED them and kept saying thank you. And made me say over and over just how fabulous she looked in them. In fact, when Rob came home and she ran to him and when she didn’t quite get the reaction that she wanted from him she said “Daddy say Ahhhh!”. And he had to say “ahhh!” with a short in take of breath thrown in for good measure. She is SO my daughter demanding the overly dramatic reaction she wants to get!

So, we left with a new frock and some new shoes. Just what a girly girl-girl needs for her spring 2009 collection no?


  1. Now they are some gasp-worthy shoes. Bless her sparkly little socks – she’s a gal after my own heart!

  2. Hmmm. We have all this to look forward to.

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