Clearing her cache

You know there may just be some light at the end of the tunnel from the *day that we no longer shall speak about. Maybe it was THE tantrum that had to happen? (like the recession that had to happen?!) Maybe it has cleared Daisy’s cache or something because (speaking of historical fact ONLY) since then she has been, well, better. A new and improved version of her previous self. She seems to have grown up, or something. SOMETHING is different and I can’t quite put my puffy little pregnant finger on it. Sunday night she slept for 12 (!!!!!) hours then went off to daycare, well, almost tear free. When I picked her up, she was pleasant, chatty and kind and FUNNY. When we got home she did what was asked of her, ate all her dinner, got into the bath when asked and then performed a concert for Rob and I that was a pure delight (she was a ballameener princess, and Rob was the man – not sure who or what the man does, but whatever). She even re-enacted to us snippets of Sunday afternoon’s outcomes. “You are not listening to me Daddy. You must sit there until I say so. Mummy is a good girl.” And then Mummy would get a kiss. It was all quite hilarious. Last night she had another good sleep and this morning? More of the same happy little girl, no tears at drop off.

I KNOW that this will not last. I KNOW that because I have written it down, it will be over by this afternoon and the Gods will be laughing at me thinking “You thought Sunday arvo was a bitch just wait till you see what we have in store for you!” Bwahhhhahahahahaha!

BUT…I will take it. I will embrace it. And if it’s only for 2 days then at least it gives me a little chance to catch up on rest, and renew my patience levels for the next onslaught. And right now I will take the time to stop and smell the spring flowers. And enjoy my little flower.


  1. I agree, I think you’ve turned a corner. Well done. Sure there may well be other moments, but when you make that ultimate sacrifice, as you did by leaving the other day, then it damned well should be rewarded. Hurrah!

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