Bok Bok Bok

Yesterday we got the visit the newest member of our family…Rob’s brother and wife’s 4th (!) babe…Jackson Macdonald. What a peach he is – so small and delicious and blonde and lovely. Daisy was particularly impressed with him – in fact, she was quite delighted by the mere sight of a little baby on the OUTSIDE. She just kept saying “we’ve got one of those!” and pointing to my tummy. I think all the ladies in this house are starting to get a little clucky…

I think she is going to be quite excited when our little one comes out don’t you?

And so today started my first day of maternity leave…I know this won’t last long…but I could get quite used to an empty house, no work, no shower, no deadlines, bad daytime TV. Bring it on I say!


  1. Oh blessarama – that’s so cute. Enjoy your lady of leisureness (yep, just made up two words in the one comment!)

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