August is the month of birthday’s in our family. We get to celebrate my Dad’s, Daisy’s cousin, step-mum’s, sister in laws, mother in laws and of course…mine (not to mention a few friends in between).

Daisy loves loves LOVES a birthday. The cake, the singing, opening the presents. She is totally down with it now and is already planning when she turns 3 – who knows what will go down in next year’s cake off?

Here are some snaps taken at the very last birthday of August celebrated – Grandma Katie’s last Tuesday night. Never mind the supermarket purchased cake now, look at that birthday delight by candle light! Next on the list? Cousin Bella’s 5th Birthday Disco Party on Saturday…


  1. Gorgeous! Must say, I still feel joy at birthdays – especially the party aspect. Already planning my husband’s 40th which is two years away!

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