And that’s? A wrap!

Am so proud and happy to report that Rob’s shoot wrapped on Friday afternoon. Woop! Woop! What a mammoth effort he and the crew put in and I am sure that the end product will be nothing short of fabulous. We had a sneak preview of some of the scenes that the ABC threw together for the wrap party and it looks great. I’m not sure if it’s because I am bias, but it seems funny and looks great!

Their last week saw some special guest appearances as well as friends and family stopping by on set to see Rob in action. Poor Rob even humoured my Dad who came to set to see him in action. I know he was very impressed and proud of Rob – you couldn’t not be when you saw him in action.

We had the wrap party on Friday night. It was a small affair with all the cast and crew and one large, pregnant Mumma who stood around looking particularly uncool and like I shouldn’t have been there at all. I lasted a few hours and then left and let Rob well and truly let his hair down (which he did until 4.30am!).

The next few weeks will be the start of post production – the editing will begin and the wind up of all bits and pieces left behind from the shoot. Rob’s days will be shorter, less stressful and hopefully enjoyable and creative as things all start to take physical shape and actually start to look like a show.

I know I have bitched and moaned about how hard these past weeks have been but I would do it a thousand times over and again for Rob. I would. I can’t believe that the past 3 years of hard work have turned into something that is now tangible. Real. And funny. And clever. Something that he wrote has gotten legs and become something that people want to work on, and someone to work with. I am beyond proud of Rob directing a show for the first time, for never letting on that he was probably shit scared and unsure of what he was doing most of the time, and holding his head high and leading the whole cast and crew to do a magnificent job whilst still having fun and a laugh every day. Not to mention then coming home at night and dealing with a cranky, hormonal wife and over tired toddler every night. Man am I one lucky lady to have all that in one man. I love this man I tell you.

Well done my love. Well done.

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