Weekend escape down South

Daise and I headed off Friday morning for our “girls” weekend to visit my sister and her kids for a few days. Daisy was quite possibly beside herself with excitement by the time we left Friday morning (in a “tassi” aka taxi) and headed out to the airport. Once we were on the plane she kept asking when we would get to Paris and if she could sleep on the floor (so she does remember some parts of the holiday last Christmas – never mind the actual France bit!) and after a longer than normal flight due to bad winds down there we landed and were picked up by my sister.

I was then whisked away for what was meant to be a one hour massage (but due to said bad winds and delayed flight ended up being for 30 mins only) and then off to pick up Alice from school. When we arrived home, I found this:

A birthday sign just for me and a little party – with cake, and fairy bread and tea! We were in heaven and very spoilt!

Then after an afternoon of running around and re-connecting with cousins she hadn’t seen in many months, Daise got to have a sleep over in Alice’s room – which is VERY pink- and VERY fabulous in the eyes of a 2.5 year old.

Saturday morning after swimming and time at home the girls (Sarah & Alice and Daise and myself) took ourselves off into the city for an overnight stay in an apartment. We walked down to Southbank, played in the park, went on a Ferris Wheel and had an early dinner out together. Then once the kids were asleep Sarah and I drank some bubbles, ate a block of fruit and nut chocolate and watched a chick flick DVD. Heaven anyone?

Sunday morning we headed off to breakfast in Brunswick Street, then off to the Museum for the morning. It was great fun – we saw Phar Lap and dinosaurs and the girls had a ball.

The flight home was even more exciting for the minx – a window seat! She was such a good girl all weekend and I had so much fun just hanging out with her. It was great to see the cousins and of course my sister and her husband and have a good old fashioned re-connect with people that love you. It’s good for the soul I tell you…

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