Pregnancy (im)perfections

***UPDATED 6.15PM***

Just MORE evidence. I picked up Daisy from daycare tonight and one of the carers took the time to tell me that she asked Daisy is her Mummy was having a baby today and Daisy said “Mummy’s BIG”. You know what they say…out of the mouth of babes.

Original post follows…

Over the last few days I have had the following said to me/occur to me. I must be looking really good these days AND I have almost 3 months still to go. Things are only going to get better from here…Awesome!

Scene 1: Visiting neighbours (To Rob’s dad) farm on the weekend. I did not have time to have a shower, it was 8.30am and clearly was not looking my best.
Billy: “Gee look at you pregnant lady!”
Me: “Yeah, I know. Still got 3 months to go too!”
Billy: “Three months?! What you got, twins in there?”
Me: “Watch yourself old man” (yes I actually did say that back to him)

Scene 2: After 6 hour car trip on the way home from the farm, and having unpacked everything and put on some washing I said to Rob (who was sitting on the couch)
Me: “I feel so tired. Exhausted even.”
Rob: “Aren’t you meant to be glowing and full of energy”
Me: “Did you seriously just say that to me?”
Rob: *furiously back peddling* “Well in your second trimester isn’t that what is meant to happen?”
Me: “I’m in my F***ing third now”
Rob: “Well there you go!”

Scene 3: At the local supermarket doing the weekly shopping yesterday. A fellow pregnant woman strikes up conversation with me as we pack our bags
Pregnant lady: “It’s fun doing this in our current conditions isn’t it?”
Me: “Yeah I know. I’m just glad I am doing it by myself and don’t have my daughter here”
Pregnant lady: “So, how long do you have to go?”
Me: “Just under 3 months – I think – end of October.”
Pregnant lady: “Oh. *pause as she looks at me again* I am due in 2 weeks but I guess I am small.”
She then proceeded to chat to me about her partner, and how she gave birth last time, CLEARLY thinking that she had found a fellow lesbian pregnant friend in me because SURELY no straight woman would have THAT hair do.

One word for you people. HOTT.


  1. Ouch – but at least you’re giving your readers a giggle! I feel for you though. My daughter’s head engaged at 32 weeks, she tended to lie with arms and legs outstretched in-utero and was induced at 41 and a half weeks – yep, you do the maths on how many “Wow, you’re huge,” “Not long now”s and “Really, only the one…”

  2. bahahaha This one made me laugh out loud. You are mental. Well I thought you looked great in your disabled toilet snaps. x

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