I blame my mother

Birthday’s were always a big deal in my family growing up. We were fussed over, we always had a cake or flowers and were sung to no matter what. Presents were given on the bed before you had woken up – that meant that someone else had to be up first on the day just so they could wish you a happy birthday as soon as you woke up. Even when we were older (and still to this day) we have an unspoken rule among siblings that we HAVE to call each other by 12noon on the day of your birthday, because it’s the rules. The birthday rules.

It was my birthday yesterday. It wasn’t the best birthday I have ever had. There is no point going on/dwelling about what did and didn’t happen. Let’s just say that Rob was sick with a cold/flu, Daisy was sick with a cold and my Mum and brother (the only fam I have here in Sydney) both have swine flu so almost all birthday plans didn’t go ahead. Sure there were good moments, I got a little cake and got to see Daisy enjoy it all so it wasn’t all bad. But I was disappointed. And as everyone kept telling me (much to my dislike) that “at least there is always next year”, so there’s that.

I just have to make sure that all these new traditions that I am creating for our little family don’t lead to Daisy feeling too disappointed on her 32nd birthday.


  1. I have to tell you that I have had a lot of miserable birthdays.Mostly bescause Bob was away.Many times I sat with the kids with a bowl of icecream with a candle in it and we sang “happy birthday to mummy”.But..what about all the wonderful moments you get to create for Daisy’s Birthdays.And all the new traditions.Have a good week.love you always Krinny

  2. I have had shitful birthdays last couple. In a life that you dedicate so much of yourself to others it’s soul destroying to think you can’t have one day that people can commit in a real way to being about you.

    Adam tried, bless this year with a lovely lunch, but no card, no present and I had to make my own cake – well that sucked!

    Next year I’m planning a day to myself. I have vowed I AM GOING TO BE THE ONE to make it about me.


  3. happy belated birthday!

    mine this year wasnt the best.

  4. always blame your mother.

    I h.a.t.e. my birthday. It’s never a good day. That being said, Happy Birthday from way up north here!


    do they really have swine flu?

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