Guitar Girl

With Rob working on his show which is about music, surrounded by music and musicians, he has been inspired to pick up with his old flame, Gina. Yes, I named his guitar after the cheeky minx kept taking all his attention, and stroking and playing with from me, back when we first started going out. Yes, I was jealous of a musical instrument. And no, I am not sure where the name came from, but I think it works yes?

So a few weeks back, Gina came back into our lives and Daisy has been captivated. Amazed that her Dad can play some songs and wants to watch, and sing, and watch and have a go.

And look at her go. What a peachy Macpeachy. I think she is going to have to get her own little guitar for Christmas. Gloria perhaps? Or Geoff?


  1. Completely adorable! I wish I could play but just don’t have the coordination!

  2. you may think it is cute now but you will be sorry when the noise drives you and the new baby to distraction!krinny

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