Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Well, I am exhausted but relieved that both (!?) children now have a room to sleep in. What a weekend and what a mammoth effort required from all of us. We started on Friday when the spare (read junk room) looked a little like this:

Great hey?

Do you especially like the way I just kept piling things up in the corner – out of sight out of mind right? Well this room had to become the minx’s and I knew it would take a trip to Ikea, lots of colour (I LOVE colour and LOTS of it) and hardwork to turn it into a room that a 2.5 year old would want to hang out in.

Daise and I ventured to Ikea (urgh) Friday morning and tried to pick up what we could. She became obsessed with the display rooms – that I agree are quite fabulous, but she would not get out of the beds, or remove herself from them, nor let anyone else remotely near them. Needless to say there were tears before we left, but we got home and got cracking on some flatpacks. By 8.30pm that night when I realised that I had used the rounded screws and not the flat screws to put the drawers together which would mean re-doing them, I promptly cried, and gave up. Saturday morning we were all systems a go, cleaning out stuff for the tip, and charity stores, and moving crap from one place to another. After maaaaany hours we had this:

A room with PLENTY of colour, and flowers and all things a little lady would want at her disposal. I am quite pleased with the end results and can assure you that the minx LOVES it. After an initial bedtime tear-up at the end of her old room, she pulled herself together, turned on her moon light, and went off to slumber.

Which left us with the babies room. Now, it’s not done by any means, but it’s clean, it is ready for a baby to come into and once we know the sex, and little person we are dealing with, we can pretty it up with “bits”. But it’s done for now. And I can’t tell you what a load off it is for me. I actually feel lighter and less cranky, just knowing that it’s done.

So. I am STUFFED. Exhausted, and in dire need of a looooong hot bath. But all rooms are done. Babies clothes are out ready to be washed (didn’t quite have the energy to do that as well). And we are ready for this babe.

Well kind of.


  1. love her room! its gorgeous! i love colour too though my boyfriend isnt that into it.

  2. WOW! Did you seriously get all this done in one weekend!?! They look beautiful and ready to go. You must feel so amazing – well done!

  3. I second PinkPatentMaryJanes comment! WOW! In one weekend? You are too good! The rooms look great!

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