Blurghy Urgy Lurgy

So yesterday just got better and better after the 4.30am murder scene bleeding nose. It was a loooong day as Daise slept early. We managed to get out and about and pick up a few bits and pieces and do some chores. By 4 I was wondering how we were going to get through to 6 (which was when I was planning her to go to bed) so we went down to the toy shop for a look around and then headed to the local pizza place for some dinner and gelato. We came home, bathed and got ready for bed in her new jammies (which are freaking Tinkerbell ones to make up for the loss of her favs due to murder scene bleeding nose) and were reading in bed when I heard those fatal words a mother NEVER wants to hear…

“My tummy hurts Mumma”.

Hmmm…never know where to go with that one. Does it mean vomit? Is she just full? Does it mean vomit?!

She then went to sleep and just as I was about to creep out of her room from checking on her and RIGHT before I was about to finish off dinner that I had actually cooked and was so excited about because I, you know, cooked during the week (and also fist punch the air in joy that she was asleep before 7pm), I got the full vomit. Everywhere. You know how the rest goes, crying, screaming, and washing. Then we got another all over the couch and floor (and me) and then another and then another and then another. Each time, more tears and more freaking washing. I can tell you that I did 7 (!) loads in total yesterday and have done another 2 already this morning. Towels, sheets and worst of all the jammies that were supposed to make everything better from the night before. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep last night I was up every hour to dealing with vomit and an ever growing washing pile.

And worst of all? Yes, I do think this is the WORST bit. Yesterday I had bought us some new 1000 (!) thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and ALL I wanted to do was sleep in their lovely 1000ness loveliness all night without being disturbed. Alas no.

Tonight’s another night right?


  1. My good lord that’s far too much to have to deal with! Oh, fingers, toes, eyes and even hair crossed that your little gal feels better soon, that the washing’s done and that you all get a good night’s sleep!

  2. hope she feels better soon. we had the virus last week and it was 24hours each person and revolting! take care

  3. Hey Beth, im feeling your pain, frustration and concern over the whole little one vomiting EVERYWHERE fiasco!!!! I have had the same thing with Lilly this past couple of days 🙁 It always happens when gav is away… arrgh! the washing, cleaning up puke from all over the house and yourself… especially her brand new 24 hrs old bed without a mattress protector (visual of homer… DOHHHHH!) couple that with a migraine that started at 4pm yesterday… and a 9 week old that wanted to be fed – so i had lilly in one arm cuddling and rose feeding in the other… oh yes it was fun! thankfully we get through it (although i still have mountains of pukey laundry to get through) its nice to know that we are not alone in these crazy experiences! fingers crossed that Daisy is over it all now and back to feeling her gorgeous bubbly self again! loads of hugs… and take care and prey that you dont pick it up too
    Tam, Lilly and baby Rose xxoo

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