Back! By Popular Demand!

Well 6 comments worth of popular at least. And sure, 2 of those were from the same person, but hey, you get the drift. It seems the peeps, well they can’t get enough of me and my whining and hormones and trotter feet. So, who am I stop giving the people what they want, nay need? I am nothing, if not generous.

Although if the truth be known I have been so freaking busy this week with work that I haven’t even had a second to think about the fact that I was being all 2 year old like and storming off my own blog in such indignant fashion. The issues have been dealt with, complaints listened to and taken on board, and we have officially moved on. Plus I am all Brokeback “I can’t quit you” about the blog anyway. So, I don’t have a great deal to fill you in on, but will give you this at least…

Some shameless self promotion for Rob’s TV show that hit the media on Monday morning when the camera’s officially started to roll. There was even something in the Guide in the SMH for the locals who will know what I am talking about. All seems to be going well and Rob has even been home twice (!) this week so far before 6.30pm which has been fantabulous and has made SUCH a difference to our night times. Daisy has been requesting family cuddles every 5 minutes and has been SO happy to have her Dad around. There have been less tantrums, and tears and just more general calm and peace – which has been welcomed.

Daisy and I are off tomorrow to Melbourne for the weekend to visit my sister and her kids. I can’t wait to get on the plane with the minx and spend 3 days with my sister and kids. We even have a special ‘ladies’ night planned for Saturday night for the girls only – Sarah and her 5 (almost 6) year old Alice and myself and the Minx. I have booked us into a fab 2 bedroom exec apartment in town for the night where we plan on living it up in the city until at least 7.30pm (or earlier if Daisy loses her shit before then) then having baths, and packing down in the comforts of king size beds. Bliss I tell you!


  1. Hi Beth, I missed the whole ‘episode’ and would have been the 7th BabyMac-loving commenter, had I known! I hope you didn’t get horrible comments on some prior post. Anyway, just wanted to say big hugs to your lovely self. I really enjoy your blog! And it’s every girl’s right to storm off in a dramatic hissy fit from time to time! Hell, we all do it : )

  2. So glad the blog’s back! It’s such a precious window into your world with Daisy and Rob. Mil xxx(mother-in-law)

  3. Oh it is soooo good to have you back I really did miss you xoxo

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