At least I wasn’t hungry

On the weekend that we will no longer mention I DID eat some pretty fabulous food. Because I love me some good food. Especially on my birthday.

Saturday night we had dinner here which is one of my all time favourite places to eat. What? I hear you say? You went here and were STILL bitching about your birthday? Back off. I’m hormonal.

So, we went here and had a fabulous and quick meal. I had some Clover Hill sparkling which I had never had before and it was delicious. Then for entree? Why, I had a special, some home made spaghettini with thistle pesto (!), pecorino and pine nuts. Main? Another special – barramundi fillets pan fried in lemon, parsley and butter. Simple and divine.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at a local cafe and I indulged in triple pork scrambled eggs with three (!) types of pork. Who knew someone had dreamt up my ultimate meal? That’s right. 3. Pork sausage, bacon AND shredded leg ham. Also thrown into the mix were shallots, and capsicum and herbs. Served on a slab of wholemeal toast with lashings of proper butter. What can I say? It was the PERFECT breakfast for a swine lover such as myself.

And some birthday cake. Made by me. Decorated by Rob and enjoyed by all.

Can I also just mention that yesterday when I titled my post “I blame my mother” I meant that a little tongue in cheek (you know like using Whitney Humour!) As in, if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother (not another… bom bom ching)? No? Don’t get it? I CLEARLY don’t blame my mother for making every birthday wonderful for me growing up…I LOVED what my mother did each and every birthday and how special and amazing she made me feel. She is my ultimate hero and if I can be half the mum she has been for my children then I will be happy. I loved it so much that I am doing the same thing now for Daisy. I know that down the track I will be blamed for a gazillion things – and am just doing the same thing. You know? Trying to be funny. No? Alrighty then.

And dear (4) readers of this blog, because of the constant mis-interpretation and general uncomfortableness (I would call it reality) of what I say on here, I am going to be taking a wee break from posting. My daily grind of life and general hormonal craziness of this pregnancy may not be every one’s cup o’ tea and I am not going to keep having to defend just why I write it. So, instead I am going to shut up. Zip it. For a little while at least. I’m sure you will miss me…yeah right! See? I must be growing up…


  1. I’ve been considering a hiatus because of a nasty family member, but then I think, why give him that power? So I’m still about. Plus, I’d miss it.

    Maybe you could ask them (politely) to grant you your privacy. Or at least not mention your blog IRL.

  2. Oh no! Nonsense. Don’t take a break! I’d miss you too much.

  3. Nooooo, as Veronica says: don’t give ’em the power and I’m seconding halloweenlover – I’d miss you too!

  4. Noooo you can’t leave me Bettie … they will get over it apparently it is generations thing

  5. I meant to say’ generation’…thing(Must have been the chenin !) that the older folk just don’t get this blogging

  6. karen says she loves reading your blog,to hell with those miseries.Your writing is brilliant,keep up the good work.

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