The things I do…

I have been threatening for days now that I will put in some snaps of the new lesbian-chic-do that I have going on, as well as some of the growing tum. I know that last pregnancy I was all proud of the gut – it was glorious! But this time I am a little more shy – wondering if I am too big etc etc. I also received an email from my sister last night begging me for some photos of me and this babe. So, for my precious readership of 3, I give you, the new do and the gut. Clearly I have lost my mind and all dignity and I have no shame whatsoever.

Honestly, the things I do. Oh, and don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful, I am just giving the people what they want.

The first snaps didn’t go so well….and yes, I am in my bathroom at work taking photos of my 6 month pregnant self to put on the world wide web…it’s SO hot right now…

I also never realised that I had such a pointy nose. Eeek! And those there are my new(ish) glasses…don’t you love them? Don’t I look like I should be the curator of a gallery?

The (glorious?) gut and chubby little trotters…

The back of the new do. Don’t you love my 1986 side rats tail? My hairdresser is way too trendy for me. Honestly, who has a semi-rats tail (on the side) in 2009?

The front. Excuse my stunned expression. I was taking photos of myself and trying not to look too much like a dick. Clearly I did not succeed.

Oh and this one you are meant to see the tum from the side, but all you get is that same dumb-ass stunned expression with a ham arm thrown in for good measure.

And now for the piece de resistance. The side profile shot in the disabled toilets at work on Thursday 23rd July (27 weeks pregnant).

Don’t say I never do anything for you.


  1. Priceless! Thanks for sharing, I actually like your hair (not sure how it was before) and your post had me laughing out loud.
    Love the pic with the toilet in the background – great scenic shot!
    Hope all goes well with your pregnancy!

  2. Must say, I’m loving that hair – and the glasses! And I spat out loud with laughter – always a good thing.

  3. At least hair grows out 🙂 I quite like it from the front…but you were right about the ‘side tails’.

    The new(ish) glasses are very HOT!

    But your most stylish accesory atm is that beautiful bump- gorgeous!! 🙂 You are not too big at all- just perfectly round. I’m so jealous of your glowy pregnancy.

  4. You’re beautiful! And too funny. You don’t look too big at all.

  5. Oh God Beth, I am dying! DYING!!! over your commentary. Also doesn’t hurt that I am into my third glass of wine, but STILL!!

    FOR THE RECORD (and you know I mean this because I just wrote in all caps for emphasis) I love the hair. Love it and wish I could pull of a cut like that. And I think that you really can. Two thumbs up. Maybe I’ll even borrow Sweetie’s and say 4 thumbs? Indeed.

    Also, the “gut and the chubby little trotters?” LOVE. I may suggest you frame that one and hang it above the Babe’s crib. To remind him/her from whence he/she came.

  6. you’re SO funny! these photos are great… and you don’t look overly-big too me, after my freaky small 3rd pregnancy, I figure just about anything is normal.

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