Super Dad

A few weeks ago now, Rob was being silly mucking around with Daisy, when he created his new alter ego – Super Dad. It was just a silly little thing that he came up with – flying around the house and doing things super Dad’s do like, throwing Daisy into the air, or getting her a drink, but with gusto and matching hand on the hips actions after he had done one of the things that Super Dad’s do. She LOVED it. She laughed and laughed and thought that Super Dad was quite possibility the funniest thing she had seen, far superior to regular, normal Dad.

The next day at daycare Rob dropped off Daisy as he normally does, did a regular day at work and then when he came to pick her up in the afternoon and walked into the room, Daisy’s carer Sue said, “Oh look who it is. It’s SUPER Dad!”. He was embarrassed as you can imagine, laughed and asked her how she knew about this. Sue told him that Daisy was talking to her about Super Dad, and she thought it was hilarious so just had to mention it to him. Of course when all the other 2 year olds heard Sue talk of Super Dad, well they all thought that was Rob’s name, or something, and it has stuck.

Every time Daisy gets dropped off or picked up the children run to Super Dad! expecting something super when in fact all they get is a frazzled Dad trying to drop his daughter off, rush to get a coffee and get into the office (nothing very super about that really). Last night he told me that as he was walking in there was one of the little girls leaving with her Mum and shouting “Super Dad! Super Dad!” and her mother was just looking around confused and a little awkward about the exchange. Rob was suitably embarrassed.

I love that he gets embarrassed about this. I love that he has done nothing to encourage Super Dad or even worked on his Super Dad routine since that one night weeks ago now, but it has stuck. I LOVE that all the carers at daycare now see Rob and say “Oh look, it’s Super Dad”. And I know how disappointed they will be when I start to do the drop offs and pick ups in a few weeks time and Super Dad will be MIA. Perhaps he can do some special appearance at the Christmas concert? I must look into that and volunteer him…but I mostly love it because it’s true. He is a Super Dad and is funny and fabulous and silly and far superior to just any run of the mill Dads. Our own Super Hero…


  1. That’s sweet. Daisy sounds like a very smart little girl, too.

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