The strangest of all shows

Friday afternoon the 3 of us headed off to the Dorothy the Dinosaur concert at a local RSL. I was not expecting a full blown extravaganza – it was being held at an RSL, the tickets were only $15 (or something like that) but I knew that the minx would be heavily into it. It’s all about Dorothy at the moment, or the Wiggles, or worse still, both. I am not so much into the Wiggles, I have actually avoided them for as long as possible – they are just so very much everywhere and they have so much stuff that goes with them, but inevitably Daisy has fallen for them and their wiggly ways.

I will admit up front that I was in the WORST possible mood on Friday for no apparent reason (actually there was a reason I got a freaking $84 parking ticket across the road FROM MY HOUSE), so my views may have been heavily clouded by self pity and down right hormonal crazy bitch behaviour, but, what we saw was just the strangest thing. Ever.

For a start, take a look at Captain Feathersword.

He’s Asian. Which I have NO problem with, and I guess I should not have expected the real Captain, but he was so very far from the real Captain that it bordered on the hilarious. And best of all was that Daisy didn’t even blink an eye over it. So long as he said “Ahoy there me hearties” she knew no difference. Kids are awesome like that.

Then there was this other random character – Postman Don. Who was the most over the top, racially offensive, Asian characterure you have ever seen. And I am still trying to work out just why he had to have such a bad Asian accent. I mean I am sure that he wouldn’t speak like Ricky Wong (well I think so at least) but he was all “Oh Huyo chilledwen – where is Dorothy?” And he was over the top CAMP. Perhaps he was a little that way inclined and thought that it would add to the performance of the character – a little twist perhaps – but it was also a little hilarious.

And together? Well, they (Captain and Postman) did all sorts of funny (gay) routines where they kept falling over (or onto!) each other. It was honestly quite strange. And mostly hilarious. And Dorothy? Well the star of the show hardly got a look in – a new numbers on stage with some back up fairy dancers and that was that. Take a look at the dodgy set – a sheet hanging down – fancy huh?

Of course Daisy was besotted and immediately burst into tears the moment that it was all over which then turned into a full blown tantrum on the ground of the car park (due to the timing of the concert which was on smack bang in the middle of the day) so it was a success. And after I got over my bad mood (which incidentally lasted until mid morning Saturday) and I decided that I would, in fact, talk to my husband again (because it was HIS fault that I got that ticket) we both had a laugh about the ridiculously of it all. I don’t think I will be rushing into any further Wiggles sideshow concerts anytime soon…

And just so you know I have NO issues with Asian or gay men. In fact I dated an Asian man a few years ago (and if I could date a gay man I would in a heartbeat) and if I am to be honest, I have in fact, a little penchant for the Asian man (particularly when teamed up with a Scottish accent – hello paediatric Doctor from RPA ER we saw a few years ago for Daisy, I am talking to you!) and as for gay men – well a lot of my besties are that way inclined, and hey I look like a lesbian at the moment – so there is SO problem there. Just so you know.


  1. hmm weird with the new character and changing captain! i would have been utterly disappointed. i love the wiggles. i miss greg. he was the best. sam just cant replace him for me. oh and i remember watching videos [with my sister] where captain feathersword was ANTHONY!

    you may have seen my friend there as far as i remember she was taking her little one there.

  2. I remember seeing a Wiggles concert advertised years ago, and in teeny smallprint at the bottom it advised that some performers may be substituted – meaning The Wiggles themselves might not be on stage. Weirdness. But you’ve gotta love the kids though, so long as the performers make all the right noises they’re happy.

    And bugger about the parking fine – I hate them so. Got fined the week before christmas as I was running toward the metre with change I’d just got from a shop – and a stupid drink I didn’t want that I bought so they’d give me money.

    Glad you’re feeling better now!

  3. Sounds awesome! Nothing like a bit of spice being added to The Wiggles 😉 Bailey is starting to get into them right now, too. Apparently they are coming to town and I’m debating whether we should go. I’m thinking probably not until next year (for my sanity!)

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