(sort of) Nesting

I know that you probably can’t (sort of) nest. You either are or you are not. But I feel like I intend on nesting soon, just when I get around to having the energy or time to do so, which in my books is ‘sort of’ nesting. Yes?

I have been thinking about projects that have to get done, rooms that have to be cleared out, children that have to be moved from current rooms to new rooms, furniture that has to be bought (and I am actually entertaining the idea of buying old furniture on the cheap and trying to turn it into fabulous, edgy, groovy new furniture made by me but alas I have NO skills for such dreams) and other such nesting-like activity.

It all started last week when I realised that in THREE FREAKING MONTHS time I will be about to be shortly giving birth to another child. And I keep checking this because it doesn’t seem right to me…actually can you confirm for me? If I am due around the 23rd Oct is that almost 3 months time? It is isn’t it? Shit. I was talking to my Mum about where we are going to put the new babe (and as an aside how bad do I feel that this child doesn’t even have a cute name like bean, or with Daisy we had Reg – it’s been new babe, or number 2 and that’s just mean. Can you come up with something for me while we are here?) As I said, we were going to put the new babe in our room. Mostly because I figure that this time around I am going to try to make things as easy as possible, and seeing as we have a really big bedroom I thought a cot in the corner would be genius. Until I stopped to think about it. I remember the noise newborns make, the snuffling and snorting and the lead up to a cry that can take 45 mins and then there is you – on high alert – nipples on the ready, nerves tingling , listening into every noise – I can’t be doing that! Right? I also thought that the going up and down stairs in the night right above Daisy’s room would not be such a good idea when she is SUCH a bad sleeper, and they can be creaky stairs. SO…we had the idea to move Daisy into the front spare (read: junk) room, put the baby into her room under our stairs and we can stay where we are. At the time, my Mum and I thought it was fabulous – Daisy will get a new room, we can do a little makeover – it’s a bigger room so all the more room for all the stuff that she has accumulated, and it can be like a playroom as well. BUT…this means that the following will have to occur:

1. Move existing junk to somewhere. Mostly the tip/charity stores because we just do not have room anywhere else in the house for this stuff.

2. Buy some new stuff for Daisy’s new room – wardrobe, shelves etc and make it look fabulous and enticing for a suspicious little lass

3. Buy stuff for new babes room and try and make it look enticing for new babe. Drawers, shelves etc. I want to try and put in some effort like I did for Daisy – try and make it have it’s own little space without just having the leftovers from Daisy

That makes me tired just thinking about it. And I know that there will be at least one trip to Ikea in there somewhere. Let alone where I will find all that extra money to buy all the stuff. Hence the crazy thoughts to try and turn old stuff into fabulous, groovy, vintage style stuff. And then the whole question of throwing out ‘old’ stuff to replace it with more (newer) stuff. Urgh… I guess we will just have to watch this space. And I am not entirely sure when I am going to get this stuff done. Between working 4 days until the end of Sept and Rob working on his show between (almost) now till after the babe comes I don’t know when this will happen. A full blown nesting urge that will kick in after 30 weeks will cover this? Right?!

PLUS there are other things that have to be done. Like buying a new car. Yeah just a simple little thing like that. Our little car has been fabulous for us as we have always lived in the city (read no off street parking) so a little car has been perfect for us. But with another babe we would not be able to fit anything else into it. So we have to get a new, grown up, family like car. And we have to do that, er, SOON. With Rob working on the show and me doing all drop offs and pick ups for Daise we will also need to have 2 cars for a few months. And sooner rather than later. Urgh I HATE buying cars. Arranging the finance, and the dickhead dealers that take you into their shitty little offices and try and sell you paint protection and then question you when you say that you don’t want the paint protection and then they do you a HUGE favour by throwing in car mats – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! the whole thing makes me feel a little woozy. And Rob is SO not that man that likes to do this, research, find the best deal, he just isn’t that guy so I inevitably end up doing most of the leg work and negotiating and stuff. Again, all of a sudden I feel a little tired. This weekend we will try and have a look and get (sort of) into it. And then it means that after all the craziness dies down, and we realise that we don’t actually need a second car, we will have to sell our little car. Urgh, just as tedious a process…

So this is where I am at with the nesting. I want to. I know I will get round to it. Eventually. And when I start it will be like a hurricane of activity, and stuff will get done and be great, but I’m just not there. Yet. Oh, sometimes being a grown up is such hard work…


  1. when mum was pregnant with my little sister. i remember her buying a cot and we sanded it down and stained it with something or other. was a great cot. no idea where it is now.

  2. Dang, that made me tired just reading it.

    Can’t say I ever nested. I waited patiently for it to come and it just never did. Pity too, my house could’ve used a good scrub down!

    Good luck with all the things you have to do. Maybe Hire A Hubby for some help? I don’t think they cost too much and it saves you and DH having to do it.

  3. two things.

    First, you had me at Ikea.

    Second, when buying a car my Dad likes to do his research, come up with a price and go to each dealer until one dealer tells him that they will meet his price. He has gotten right up and walked out of more dealerships than I can count, but he always gets his car with little to no bullshit.

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