OK, enough with the whinging already. We get it. Your child doesn’t sleep. Get over it already. OK, I hear you people. I am officially moving on. To much more important things like….what we did on the weekend and stuff! So, please allow me to tell you just what we did on the weekend, and, stuff.

I had Thursday off work last week. Unheard of. I NEVER take time off work. I always feel too guilty as I only work part time (whoever said 4 days was part time was smoking crack) and try to keep sick leave up my sleeve for when the minx is sick. Work that one out?! But I was sick, and Rob refused to allow me to go to work, and I hardly protested, so I dropped Daisy at my Mum’s place and spent the day on the couch. Dozing and reading and just being. Oh, and perhaps a few loads of washing, but that was it! By Friday I was feeling much better and it could well have been because of the day of rest.

The rest of the weekend we hung at home, played quietly, went to the library and did a whole lot of not much. Aren’t you SO glad that I managed to get these riveting details into a post? Daisy slept, I rested and read (oh my stars I am reading a book that I am completely into and recommended to me by Halloweenlover – Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet – tis’ brilliant). By Sunday I had a wee bit of cabin fever after the weekend at home, with bad weather, so we went out for a few hours to the Art Gallery and had a great time looking at some of our favourite paintings followed by my all time favourite Sushi in Sydney (except I missed out on the sashimi) from Sushi on Stanley. When we were at the Art Gallery though I ran into the sister on one of my good friends and she said to me (verbatim) “Oh you look tired!”. I obsessed about this for far too long after that – do I look that bad? If I did look that bad, what was the point of telling me? I AM tired, so I should look tired. Etc, etc, Rob got very bored with hearing my complaints – so I have made a new rule: to not go out without having had a shower and looking my half way decent from now on. All in all, it was a quiet weekend. Probably much needed. But very indoorsy and quite boring.

The other thing that happened on the weekend was that the babe grew, or did something to make me extremely uncomfortable and unable to move much, let alone eat, after 6pm at night. Not loving this. Can’t quite remember this at such an early stage last time (but what can I remember really about any of it?) and am more than a little anxious that I will be giving birth to a 13 pound baby. I will be THAT story at the end of the news where they show the gargantuan child next to a normal baby. Then I started worrying about that, and then lived out this whole scenario in my head where I almost get through the delivery and then my Ob realises that I am about to give birth to a 13 pound babe and has to do an emergency c-section, but it’s too far gone and they can’t get the babe out and so it dies. Or I die. Or both. It’s ridiculous, and it’s not enough of a fear to stop me from eating FAR more than I should be (hello cheaper than normal peanut M&M’s from my work vending machine I am talking to you), but it’s entirely possible that I will give birth to a 13 pound baby and that would just hurt. But, I guess if this keeps up, I am missing my dinner which means that it’s one less meal a day. Right? Or one more packet of peanut M&M’s I have up my sleeve hmmm…


  1. My MIL has 10 kids, and most of them were between 10-12lbs. Isn’t that freaking NUTS?! Dear god, can you imagine that? Bailey was a small 7lbs 4oz, Lucas was a bigger 8lbs 14oz, but I had csecs for both so it was ok. But geez, 13lbs makes me shudder!

  2. It’s awesome, right? It was so good and I loved reading it, and then it was over and I still felt satisfied and pleased and I want to read something else by him.

    This babe won’t be 13 pounds, I promise.

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