Peachy Macpeachy

I am certain that I have claimed in the past that 8 months old is the PERFECT age or that 13 months is the MOST adorable and am sure that there will be many more times in the future, but right now? Daisy is a PEACH.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself…

She is HILARIOUS. I never thought that having a 2 and a bit (5 months) old would be so much fun. Don’t get me wrong (and I don’t think you will) there are plenty of times where it is not the best fun I have ever had and you surely read about those stories here…but when I actually think about it…that only makes up 5% (or less) of the time.

She is a kind little girl. She will ask how I am and seems genuinely interested. She asks how other members of the family are that aren’t around and actually wants to know what they are doing and if they are OK. She will look after all her toys like they are real people, with feelings, that require her love and attention. Each and every day she will ask about the baby, and lift my shirt and give it a cuddle or kiss, not because I tell her to, but because she wants to. I know she is going to be a fabulous big sister.

She is considerate and well mannered. She will always say thanks when I give her something and will be the first person to tell me that I have, in fact, not covered my mouth when I coughed and that I should do so, immediately.

She is funny, she makes up funny stories and laughs at me when I do or say something funny – but laughs like she actually means it – I really do make her laugh sometimes. She makes strangers laugh with her stories, and faces. She has the most vivid imagination. On the weekend she decided that we would play “let’s go and visit Mum in the hospital when she has had the baby”. I got to play myself. Humpty got to play the baby and Daisy played herself. We had to play out the whole scene from when she arrived including the “Hi Mummy! Oh look at the baby!” AND EVEN had to have our photos taken with the baby by some imaginary person who was also there at the time. We had to stop and smile and change poses. How does she make this stuff up?!

She is a good cook. Honestly. She loves it. Every time there is some action in the kitchen she requests to be a part of it – mixing and pouring – and she actually helps me – like actually makes a difference. I will have her chopping with a sharp knife in no time. Just on the weekend she was playing with play-doh and showed me with pride that she made a garlic clove. Brilliant!

And probably best of all, she puts me back in my place, back down to earth, back down to what is really important in one short moment, or sentence. On Sunday night I was huffing and puffing about all the books all over her room and was trying to put them all back into her bookcase before she went to sleep. And she comes over to me, as I am shoving them in, and says “what’s all the fuss about Mumma?”. Indeed, what was all the fuss about? It was the best thing for anyone to say to me in that moment, and she was about the only one that could say it to me, and get away with it.

And I keep finding myself boasting with pride about her more often which I know can be so tedious and boring but I am honestly amazed by her at the moment! On the weekend I had to stop myself plenty of times for going on and on about what she has been doing. I know this is no different – but hey this is my blog so you will just have to take it!

She is an amazing little girl who will be the most amazing young girl, and teenager and woman and I feel so lucky that I get to be her mother, and be a part of her life forever.


  1. Bless – what a totally adorable little button. And I must say, I’m with you. I’ve gone through “Oh, this is the best age” every month as my daughter’s grown up. What is the best age – well, I reckon it’s nine years and seven months… exactly what she is now.

    You’ve obviously got a very confident, well-loved girl – and that shows. I think “What’s all the fuss about?” is going to become my new mantra – what a great way to look at life!

  2. Beth one of my favourite entries so far, I just loved this. Made me cry and laugh just thinking about what a funny little lady she is. What’s all the fuss about indeed – fancy being so switched on to know that a few books on the floor is not so bad. I love that little lady and I can’t wait till I get to see her in action one day!

  3. That is so beautiful! I have a 16 month old and sometimes think I want to freeze her in time (as I’m sure many Mummies & Daddies do!) so it’s lovely to hear that it just keeps getting better, until… when? 13??!

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