Rob has decided to participate in Dry July this year which is a challenge to give up alcohol for a month and raise sponsorship for their efforts with donations going to people living with cancer in Australia.

While it’s hardly a challenge and something he will be able to do without too much trouble, I am still proud of his efforts and am sure that the first week or so will be hardest for him – especially on the weekends. At least I will have a partner in my pregnancy sobriety – rock on!

If you have a burning desire to sponsor him please do so here.

Daisy has been quite interested in the pregnancy multi vitamins I have been taking each morning. She has been asking for some for herself so when I actually remembered to pick some up kids fish oil ones at the supermarket (incredible I know) she was most pleased with her “taberlets”. In fact, she seems quite obsessed with them and is demanding them in a rapid supply like a junkie in need of a fix. I then read the packet and saw that they are for kids 3 and over….and she is almost 2 and a half…is this a problem (she weighs about 16/17 kg’s so I am sure she would be as big, if not bigger than most 3 year olds)? As her dealer I am quite concerned with the impact of cutting off her supply.

Daisy woke up last night at 11.50pm with the loudest blood curdling scream that I am sure that the neighbours thought we had decided to go down and slit her throat. Rob and I sat bolt upright and ran down to check on her. She was, alas, just having a night terror (SIGH). We haven’t had many of these for a while now so it’s always shocking to see them appear for no apparent reason out of the blue. She then proceeded to push everything off her bedside table onto the floor like a drunk, angry woman. Then she demanded and a drink and fell promptly back asleep. The adrenalin did not stop pumping for quite some time after that. I don’t think I will ever get used to these things. Ever.

I did not win the $110 million lotto. Shocking I know. I didn’t even win $12.90 or something small and random like that. Nothing.

I must be mad. I purchased tickets for Dorothy the freaking Dinosaur in a few weeks time. Daisy will be beside herself with excitement. Me? Not so much. I also got one for Rob on the off chance that he can sneak away from the office for a hour or so to rock it out with Dorothy and Daise.


  1. After we didn’t win the $110m the other night I said to Eco-Chic-Daddy: “well now what are we going to do?” I was hanging all future plans on that jackpot. ECD said to me: “I’m sure 10m other people are asking the same question right now.” Wise man.

    So I understand how you are feeling!

  2. There are some vitamins you can give to kids her age. Herron Vita-Minis they are called, and are suitable for 12 months and over. I give them to Bailey every morning with his breakfast and he loves them. I think they taste a bit like a Fruit Tingle. They’re in Woolies in the vitamin section, white bottle with a yellow lid.

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