Dropping the kids off at the *ahem* pool

I really wanted Daisy to be fully toilet trained by the time the next babe comes along. I had the best intentions to do this, but now I find myself less than 3 months away and I am a little (not much) closer to the goal. I think it’s the weather – winter is SO not the time to be wetting your pants, and all the washing, and the me working thing, it’s just not working out that well for us. But that’s fine…we are doing a little…and that’s OK for me, right now. By Christmas I am sure we will be further down the road, I will be home, it will be warmer, it will be fine. In any case, let’s just say by the time she is at school she should *hopefully* not be in nappies. A girl’s gotta dream right?

So. The minx has the pooing thing down. Sort of. When she is at home with me for 3 days a week we have worked out that just before she hops into the bath she is ready to, you know, poo. So she does that almost every night just before the bath which is awesome. So then it’s just the days where it’s nappies, but it’s just wee so we can all cope with that. For now.

Anyway. The conversations we have whilst she is on the toilet working through the turkey (so to speak) are quite possibly the best conversations we have. She is HILARIOUS. She talks me through her day, telling me all she has done and then asks me anything from “why does the house have walls Mumma?” to “why do you have make up on Mumma?” and the why’s keep on coming until she is satisfied (and that can be up to 17 different whys). But we have time on our side, so we chat, she poos and is quite possibly the proudest little lass in the world when she turns around and admires her handy work. I know. Revolting.

Last night as each passing poo was, you know, passed, she was delighted. She was so delighted in fact that she named each poo as they came, like they were her babies. IN FACT she even referred to them as her children. The conversation went down like this:

“Ooh another one coming Mumma!”
“That’s good Daisy – well done”
“Wait for me children – here I come!”
“Oh wait, here comes some more children!”

She was delighted when all children had been dropped off, yet it was quite sad to see the whole family disappear with a flush and OF COURSE there were many questions about why and where they go and then again for good measure yet another WHY?

And yes, I also can’t quite believe that I have written about (in so much detail nonetheless) poo. Nor would I think that this would be my first entry into my 4th year of blogging. I should have known that all dignity was lost 2 and a half years ago, yet here I am still surprised by the lack of it on a daily basis. Not to mention my willingness to share it all with you.


  1. Oh! Thank you for sharing! You had me in stiches laughing!

    These will be precious memories to share at her 21st birthday party.

  2. I have been laughing out loud for 5 minutes about this, seriously. That girl is a CHARACTER. HA!

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