Wintery Weekend

Wow. It’s Monday already. Again. But this week I am actually OK with it. Not sure why, but I just feel like it’s OK that I am here again at work, working. Could be because I actually feel a little rested from the weekend. Crazy, I know.

Friday Daisy and I had a lovely day together. We caught the bus into the city in the morning to pick up some birthday presents for my niece Ava who turned 1 on Friday, and my step dad who turned (actually that could be mean), let’s just say he had a birthday on Sunday. Daisy had a BALL on the bus – it’s the easiest entertainment ever – she loves it! She comments on every step of the way “bell – ding! People on, people hop off”. “Bus driver busy”. And my favourite “Look at us people – on the bus!” She just loves it. Friday night we headed over to my brothers place for a birthday party/dinner thing for Ava (she missed most of it as she went to bed) but it was lovely to sit around and have a natter by the fire and eat good food. Daisy was still awake and having the time of her life at 9.30pm (which is waaaay past her bed time) so we headed home around 10pm – she crashed in the car and even managed to sleep in Saturday until almost 8am!

Sat was a quiet day. We had a picnic catch up in the park in the morning for Lachie which was lovely. It was great to catch up with old friends and see how much all the kids had grown – I was amazed to see though just how much taller Daisy was than the rest of them – and we all let off balloons into the sky for Lachie. The rest of the afternoon was spent inside, keeping warm by the fire (our first of the winter season) and just hanging out. Daisy decided that she didn’t want to have any kind of sleep (a first for her) so it was a loooong afternoon, but she crashed early Sat night and slept well – so perhaps this could be her new thing – no sleep in day=good sleep at night? Who knows…

Sunday we had lunch at my Mum’s place for my step dad. It was a YUMMY lunch of Paella which was delicious and Daise had a good play with Mia and we call got a chance to sit around the table and eat and talk – seems like we always do that – but it’s my all time favourite way to spend a Sunday so I was happy.

So, here we are at the start of another week, another working week. I think that Rob’s work on the TV show is going to start picking up – they have auditions today and just generally he will be spending more and more time on it in the coming weeks and months. We are even starting the juggle of me having a get Daisy after work – in just a few months time I will be doing all the daycare pick ups and drops offs and then heading back to the office on the other side of town 4 days a week all while getting more and more pregnant. It’s going to be hectic, I am certain that there will be tears shed (from me and perhaps Daisy as well) but we will get through it and I wouldn’t want it any other way as I am SO excited for this opportunity for Rob. It’s just that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach that sits there – you know what’s coming and that it will be hard (like exams or something). Anyway, chickens and hatching and all that – let’s just wait and see how it all goes…


  1. Sounds like you had a really nice and relaxing weekend! That cake looks super yummy, too! And Daisy is absolutely adorable!

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