She works hard for the money

I feel like I am earning my way these past few days. I have been feeling like I am just about to get sick – like if I really wanted to, I could wallow in it and get really sick and miserable. But I have been fighting it off. It’s the guilt of taking any time off when you are only working part time (which is ridiculous but I know that I need to keep time off up my sleeve for when Daisy is sick and also ridiculous because 4 days? It’s JUST like 5 and I have a stupid work ethic/matryr behaviour that makes me work all the time without taking time off).

Anyway, so I have been fighting off the sickness. Rob has been cooking me chicken soup with lots of garlic and ginger and chilli, fish with roasted garlic & vegies and it has been working I am still just about to get sick, not quite sick. Yet.

After my evening last night I think that today I could wallow and get really sick. Poor Daisy was a little out of sorts yesterday morning – a little miserable and quiet – so Rob decided that she should stay home from daycare. So he stayed with her for a bit, then she perked up and wanted to go to school so they headed off. She was fine. Great in fact and had a god day. When Rob picked her up in the afternoon she was good and happy and normal. In the car a little quiet, when she got home and had a drink even more quiet…until…the projectile vomit over everything. Poor petal – I walked in from my day just after this had happened – poor Rob had towels everywhere and a hysterical Daisy – it was hit the ground running for me! She was ok after a bath and a clean up, and went to bed early. We washed. Towels and the couch, and clothes and the carpet. Needless to say I was not all that keen for dinner last night so I went to bed early. I think the moment I finally warmed up in bed and was all comfy for sleep the first cries started. I bounded down the stairs ready to tackle project vomit phase 2, but it was just a little cuddle required and then back to sleep. For 30 minutes. Then it happened again. Cry out, need for cuddle and then back to sleep. For 30 minutes. I think between 9.30 and 1.30 I managed to get a little sleep, then not so much. When I was pretty certain that she wasn’t going to vomit again I begged her to come into our bed (I was so cold from sitting on the end of her single bed and sneezing and feeling sick myself that I thought it was the only solution to get some rest before work this morning). So at 4.10am we cuddled into bed, had a little chat about the baby that was SO sweet and eventually sleep came. For all 3 of us. At the same time. Until 6.13am when the alarm went off and I had to get up, dressed, made up and ready for work.

I am not complaining (even though that’s exactly what this may look like. In fact let’s just call it a whinge because I need to). I have no problem with dealing with a sick child – there is NOTHING I hate more than when Daisy is sick. I just feel a little sick myself today. Like I need a cuddle and rest from my Mumma and some looking after. Or a pay rise.


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    I wish I could make it all

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