A not so long weekend

Well it was. Long that is. In fact, it was extra long given that Friday is my day off and all that. But here I am, Monday morning feel well, less than rested and like the weekend only just started so perhaps it wasn’t quite as long as I needed it to be. In any case, here are the details of said ‘shorter than I would have liked but indeed still very good’ long weekend.

Friday. My day “off”. HA! I washed like a mad woman, went shopping in search of jumpers/hoodies for the minx, made soup, visited a friend and had the in laws over for a few hours. Exhausted? Yep. But it was a great day and I got to hang out with Daisy all day so that is always a good day in my books. But the despair! Over the clothes available! I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t that “target vile pink” colour. You know the one? Sort of hot pink (but that is an insult to hot pink which is a great colour I think). And they team it with black, or worse silver to create these ugly combos for girls. And Daisy? Well she thought they were fabulous and wanted them all. I despaired, tried to convince her that a boys jacket I found was better, had a fight over it and then left empty handed. I know I can find better it’s just that they always cost so much, I don’t have time for Ebay for getting to any good shops. So she will just have to be cold.

Saturday and Sunday we headed up to my Dad’s place at the beach for a few days. It was perfect. Daisy was spoiled and had the time of her life, I got to read and sit bu the fire and eat, and Rob got to sit and watch sport with my Dad. Everyone was a winner.

Daisy took this photo of Dad & Angela…I think she did a great job!

Yesterday we headed back down to Sydney and caught up with Rob’s family for a little picnic in the park at Balmain. It was great fun. Lots of yummy food, the girls all got to play together and we got to sit in the sun and do not much. On a Monday. Ooooh that’s so good!

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