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I have been doing some thinking this week about names. And the lack of them that we have this time around. Or maybe not the lack of the them, but the lack of enthusiasm that I have about them. When we were pregnant with Daisy we knew that if we had a girl it would be Daisy. We just knew it. Sure, we did the right due diligence and looked through books and contemplated a few different names here and there but when it came to the crunch and we were in the delivery room, me being stitched up, her being cleaned up I looked at Rob and said “is that who I think it is?” and he said “Yes. It’s Daisy”. And it was. And there she was. I just haven’t had that this time around I haven’t seen a name and said YES that’s it! That’s our son/that’s our daughter! Of course it is!

This time I have been thrown a little. The few names that we had for boys were recently taken by good friends and it would be weird if we named them that as well. I also think I would feel like a second prizer saying here is X and everyone saying, yes so what? It just doesn’t feel right. I also have a few girls names but they all seem to inevitably end up in the “y” sound like Daisy. And I think it would be too cutsey to have two girls names Daisy and ‘X’ey. Don’t you agree?

I put the feelers out on facebook and got some great replies back from people and a couple of real possibilities. I have compiled the MASTER list that has them all in the one place and whenever I hear one that I like instead of me forgetting I am making a real effort to get it in there so they are all in the one place.

So…are there any others that you think would be good to add to the MASTER list (I feel like that should have a drum roll whenever I write it). I will give you some criteria to work with/guide you which may help:

We are not really fans of the top 10 popular names (Jack, Joshua, Lachlan, Emma, Sophia, Olivia, Madison etc) – it’s not that they are not good names, they are, and that’s why they are SO popular I guess – they are just not really for us (well maybe this should say not for me because I have had a name that was not that common I have always enjoyed telling people it’s ‘just Beth’ and not having lots of other kids in school with the same name as me. And it’s not that we want to be completely out there and crazy and unique and name our child Storm or Apple or anything like that but we would like something a little left of centre but not too far out there. We are not into fancy spelling (Jorja for Georgia) to be unique and we want to make sure that the kid will not want to change it’s name down the track. AND lastly, we want it to not be too like Daisy (again back to the “ey” concern that I stated above) and also not sure we should go with another flower name given that we could come off looking like Jamie Oliver and Jules. Oh and LASTLY lastly, I don’t understand the whole big name to little name thing: If you want to call your son Charlie then call him Charlie not Charles, same with Gus not Angus, same with, well you get the drift (again this could be about me as I come from a family of short names – Sam not Samuel, Beth not Elizabeth/Bethany, Lucy not Lucinda). Ooh, do I have some rules!

Ok, so there you go. Over to you. Would love to hear what YOU think and see just how many can be added to the MASTER list. And thanks – I need all the help I can get!


  1. for girls i love:
    + isabella
    + grace or gracie
    + charlotte
    + charlie

    and for boys:
    + james – i love this name as it has been my dads and grandads middle name and not one child in our family has it – if i have a boy this is what im calling him ๐Ÿ™‚
    + zander
    + ethan
    + scott

    they are just some of my favourties

    after all mum wanted to call me roxanne and ended up with carly. my little sister went without a name for 6 weeks they couldnt decide [as we have different last names] mum wanted annie or bree but with a last name blows just doesnt work and her dads mum hated imogen. but its imogen hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oooh, I love names! I need more time to think, but I had to tell you that I have the opposite rule. I insist that a child has to have a full long proper name, so not Josie, it has to be Josephine. We’re opposites!

    But I’ll change my way of thinking and come up with some names!

  3. Choosing names is always the hardest part for me too. I hope we don’t have another boy because I have totally run out of boys names. It was hard enough choosing the first two! It’s also hard for us because Adam’s family is so huge, almost every name has already been taken.

    BTW, you’ve been tagged. No pressure, just something to do if you’re bored ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Anonymous says

    How about Leo, Max, Noah, Dom or Owen for a boy.

    Jemima(Jem), Greta, Eva/Ava, Stella, Claudia for a girl (can you tell I like girls names ending in ‘a’!)

    Kate B

  5. Did we discuss Georgia? Because incidentally, I love that name and I think it should be on your list.

    Calvin I still like, and Isla. Also for boys I like:
    *Finn (an ode to our dearly departed goldfish no less!)
    *Kevin (Kevin is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE boy names, and if Sweetie hadn’t vetoed it off the bat, you can believe either Mister or Sweet babe may have been a Kevin)
    *Luke. Just Luke. Because I love it.

    Girls are harder for me to come up with, because I do SO LOVE the long traditional names. I’m so boring like that.

    Aside from Isla, I like
    *Lexi (every time you call Daisy a Minx it make me think of “Lexi”)

  6. I just found your blog, and forgive me for commenting on an old post, but I’m running back thru the last 10 or so before I take myself off to bed!
    The names I love are;
    Matilda (Tilly)
    Eloise (this is my midle name, and I’m seriously thinking of carrying it on!).
    Oh, and there are a few others but these are the ones I thought you may like xxx

  7. Arghhh, now I can’t find your comment back to me that I read this morning. Was it on your blog or on mine? Hmmmmmm, lost in blogland! Yes, I love ‘Plum’ too…’s from Vctoria Plum, do you remember those books? They were 70’s English childrens books about little fairies and woodland folk, and the main character was called Victori Plum. xxx

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