Moaning whores

While that sounds totally hot and frisky for a Monday morning and no doubt, grabbed your attention, I am afraid to tell you that it is not so much hot and frisky (I can just imagine all the links I will get from google searches now and won’t they be disappointed!). It’s what my mother calls the raging hormones. And I fear that I have been infected with a rather large case of them this weekend past. In fact, this morning I can barely cope with the fact that it is indeed Monday, and I am indeed at work staring down the barrel of another working week. And I am NOT OK with it.

Friday we (Daise and I) had a great morning together. After I left work early on Thursday as I was sick I went home, did 3 loads of washing, prepared dinner and felt semi prepared for my day off (which usually entails me cleaning and washing and shopping like a mad woman trying to get as much “domestics” done so we can actually have fun on the weekends). We went to a playgroup up the road from our place and had the BEST time I am still trying to work out why it has taken me almost 2 and a half years to get to one of these. Daisy was entertained for at least 2 hours and I got to catch up with some friends from mothers group. We got home, Daisy slept well and I thought we were going to have a great afternoon. I attempted shopping but things went downhill from there. She chucked the BIGGEST tantrum because I didn’t let her go on one of the rides out the front of supermarket that we had to turn around (half way through the shop) abandon ship and leave with nothing. I did not have the strength to just grin and bear it and ignore her and the many people watching us. I think she was in shock that I actually followed through on walking away and leaving and getting in the car and going home. The tantrum continued into the car park, and then the car, when she actually harry houdinied out of her car seat mid drive. It got worse when we got home – it honestly sounded like I was murdering her – when in fact I was just not letting her out the front door to head back to the shops. It went on for over an hour. We were both exhausted (and in tears – hormones?) by the end of it and it actually makes me shudder to recall the details. By the time Rob got home and she eventually got to bed I was so exhausted and sick and not in the mood for ANYONE or ANYTHING that I went to bed.

Saturday we headed off to a 3rd birthday party nice and early and had a great time. Daisy was in good form and it was good to catch up with friends. Rob headed off to a Bucks day/night so the minx and I were running solo for the afternoon. She was MUCH better then the day before, she was polite and kind and we had fun making cupcakes and hanging out. I was like a happy domestic mother should be – hormones? It was early to bed for her because she went without a sleep in the day (I blame the gazillion lolly pops consumed at said party) and I was not far behind her – without Rob home I had no excuses for just going to bed at 8.15pm (yes you read that right) and reading for a bit and crashing out.

Yesterday I should have been well rested and happy and calm and relaxed but alas the hormones were raging. I was cranky. I did the weekly shopping that I didn’t get to do on Friday and while that should have made me feel good that the cupboards and fridge were stocked for the week, it just pissed me off that I had to do it at all. Then I went to the park with Daisy so that hung over Daddy could get his act together and be showered and ready and available for the rest of the day and while he was all those things when we returned I was just cranky. I got the Sunday blues waaaaay too early, I got cranky that we were not utilising our one day off together better (not sure what would have been better though) and then got cranky that I was SO cranky and not sure why. It was a bad cycle. We did get out in the afternoon, have a drive and even a bush walk then Daisy was in bed early AND Rob even cooked me a roast chicken for dinner with all the trimmings but still. Me? CRANKY.

So now it’s Monday and while I feel less cranky because I know that it’s Monday and I am not surprised by the fact that it’s Monday, it’s still Monday and they kind of suck. I was also up for an hour or so early this morning reliving Daisy’s birth and remembering ALL the details and ALL the pain (who said you forget that shit?) and completely freaking out – cause that is JUST the thing to do at 4.00am on a Monday morning. Hormones? I blame you! It’s going to be a busy day and week at work with the end of financial year tomorrow. I have an appointment with my Ob tomorrow morning which will be good to check in and then this weekend I have a night away from home with all the females in my family for a “Stitching and Bitching” craft weekend in the Blue Mountains. My mum, and sister and all female aunties and cousins come together to make stuff and chat. Should be good and although I won’t have a project to work on I will be happy to have time to sit and laugh and natter. And between now and then I plan on keeping my patience and hormones in check. For the sanity of my family.

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